Maria Jesús Martín Soldevilla
Manager of Harbour Studies Division.
Centre for Harbours and Coastal Studies. CEDEX.
C/ Antonio López, 81; 28026 Madrid
Phone: 34 91 3357703
Fax: 34 91 335762

Working in statistical maritime events characterization, and computational hydraulics since 1982, has developed a wide activity in the implementation, calibration, and numerical models applications to studies related with harbour design problems. Also she has developed and extensive software for statistic analysis of maritime climate data. Author of the Waves and Winds Spanish Climate Atlas.

Their main professional activities are focussed in a permanent supporting to the Port authorities in harbour design through numerical models, and in the statistical climate analysis for design load characterization.

Since 1989, she is a committee member of several Technical Working Groups of the Recommendations for Maritime Structures (ROM) Program, created in 1987 by the General Director of Ports and Coast on Ministry of Public Works and Urban Planning, for drawing up a set of Recommendations or technical codes.

Member of several internationals working groups related with statistics characterization of extreme events. Professor in the Master of Coast and Ports Engineering (CEDEX); and in the Master of Coast Management (Universidad de la Luz de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain), Committee member in several Doctoral Theses.

Main author of several international technical meetings, and Spanish books related with numerical models applications, statistical characterization of climate events, and risk analysis for harbour breakwater design.