Curriculum Vitae of José Francisco Sánchez

José Francisco Sánchez. Born in 1975, Santander (Spain) obtained his degree in Civil Engineering (speciality in Oceanography, Hydraulic and Environment) in 2000. Since 2001, he has participated in three different departments at CEDEX: Maritime Engineering (2001 – 2006), Maritime Experimentation Laboratory (2006-2008) and Coastal Engineering department (at present).

During the period in the Maritime Engineering Department, he was involved with various environmental issues: desalination, waste disposal, sediment transport, dredging and finally oil spills. Later, he has been mainly occupied with physical modelling of harbour breakwaters and coastal defences.

Concerning risk, he was member of the PIANC EnviCOM Working Group 10, commissioned to prepare the “Guidelines for the environmental risk assessment of dredging and disposal operations”. Also, he has been the main author of some parts of the projects for the contingency planning of the ports of Huelva and Cartagena.

Among those activities he has participated in several courses as a lecturer and is author of papers presented in some international and national conferences.