A technical exhibition is planned during the conference for continuous display of products, software, instruments and publications on Risk Management.

This exhibition will be organised in the main-hall of the Congress Centre of LNEC, adjacent to the conference rooms, where the coffee break will be served.

Exhibitor information and requirements

Our offer to your company

  • a 3 x 3 booth in the main-hall to display your product, including 1 table, 2 chairs and 1 case with lock
  • your advertising material in the delegate pack
  • your company listed on the conference Website
  • the cost for 1 booth is 1000 Euro.

For more information on stands and exhibitor’s requirements please click here.

Stand order form

Institutions and companies wishing to participate should complete the stand order form and send it to our secretariat. To download the stand order form please click here.

Any further information should be addressed to:

Organizing Committee
LNEC – Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil
DIEAG – Apoio à Organização de Reuniões
Av. do Brasil, 101 – 1700-066 LISBOA - PORTUGAL
Phone + 351.218443483 - Fax + 351.218443014 - E-mail: formacao@lnec.pt


Technical exhibition plan
Technical exhibition information
Stand order form